We believe that selfless giving and contribution to others is the cornerstone of successful living and business. Contribution is one of life’s greatest joys!

Current Projects include:

  1. The restoration of the Palace of Versailles and to cope with an unprecedented economic crisis brought on by the pandemic. For two years the Palace of Versailles has been confronted with an overwhelming economic crisis. With a drop in attendance, the Palace’s revenue is severly affected. The Palace has survived due to the ongoing contributions of its many admirers. We are humbled to contribute to the influence of Versailles and the safeguard of one of the most important symbols of the French culture.
  2. Refurbishment of the Palace of Versailles Royal Apartments. Acquisition and restoration of the furniture and works of art that give the Palace its unique atmosphere, lavishness and full of life.
  3. Patron of the Arts Vatican Museums. Sponsor the labor, research, materials, and technology needed to facilitate the restoration of the various art treasures in the Vatican Museums’ collection. Support in this time of crisis in three categories; Unrestricted Restoration Fund, the restoration of the Bramante Courtyard, or the Anima Mundi renovation.
  4. Venetian Heritage supporting cultural initiatives through restorations, exhibitions, publications, conferences, studies and research, in order to make known to the world the immense heritage of Venetian art in Italy and in the territories formerly part of the Serenissima.
  5. Contribute to Cancer Researchers and clinicians focused on therapeutic strategies involving: molecular medicine, tumor immunology, DNA repair, and rare cancers.
  6. Scholarship for Balinese and Thai children to receive international standard holistic education.
  7. 1% of all funds donated to the Goldzone Foundation is allocated to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.