We believe that selfless giving and contribution to others is the cornerstone of successful living and business. Contribution is one of life’s greatest joys!

We are focused on projects that were started and inspired by the life and works of Anjou MacPherson (1959-2012). Anjou believed that selfless contribution is the key to successful living and business. We are the happiest when we are thinking about and helping others.

All donations are welcome and dedicated to Anjou’s Angels in memory of Anjou.

Each Goldzone Group company vests 5% of its equity to the Goldzone Foundation and over a year, each team member invests a minimum of 5% of their working time on Foundation projects.

The Goldzone Foundation supports a variety of non-profit projects including; sponsoring artists and musicians, inspiring community leaders, medical research including; diet and nutrition, preventative medicine, chronic disease prevention, and management.